Single stage WPA Series Worm Gearbox



Applicable industries: manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, energy mining

Transmission: Worm
Output torque: 170-291
Input speed: 1500 rpm
Output speed: 25 -300

Product name: WPA series worm gear reducer
Bearing: Bronze
Housing material: die-cast cast iron
Installation position: foot pedal
Input form: shaft input
Output form: solid shaft output

Heat treatment: carburizing and quenching
Color: blue or silver
Certificate: ISO 9001
Warranty period: 1 year

The worm is made of 45# high-quality steel through heat treatment. The worm gear is made of tin bronze. Good abrasion resistance, especially in terms of load-carrying capacity. This type of gearbox is mainly used for the reduction transmission of various mechanical equipment such as plastics, metallurgy, beverages, mining, lifting and transportation, chemical construction and so on. Worm gearboxes for electric motors provide the perfect solution for industrial applications that require reliable deceleration with high energy efficiency. We offer double reduction, single reduction and worm gear boxes for motor products for versatile, good performance.

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