EPT dc worm gear motor 12v high torque reduction gearbox with encoder sales China in Concepcion Chile D300 D300A Marine Boat Spare Parts Engine Speed Reduction Transmission Gearbox with top quality

EPT  dc worm gear motor 12v high torque reduction gearbox with encoder  sales  China  in Concepcion Chile   D300 D300A Marine Boat Spare Parts Engine Speed Reduction Transmission Gearbox with top quality

We – EPG Group the most significant worm gearbox, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with five diverse branches. For far more details: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828 /

ept D300 collection marine major propulsion propeller reduction gearbox&comma with ept gearbox checklist as&colon

Product Max Electrical power Enter
Velocity Rang
Reduction Ration Bodyweight Ideal Engines
06 twelve&period5&sol2100 a thousand-2100 two&period52&sol3&period05&sol3&period50 58kg Yanmar TS130&solTS155 Hatz E786
16A 33&sol2000 one thousand-2000 2&period07&sol2&period48&sol2&period95&sol3&period35&sol3&period83 84kg MWM D226-two&comma Hatz 3M31
MA100A 37&sol3000 1500-3000 one&period6&sol2&sol2&period55&sol3&period11&sol3&period59&sol3&period88 seventy five Isuzu UM02AB1&comma Yamaha ME125
MA125 eighty two&sol3000 1500-3000 two&period03&sol2&period46&sol3&period04&sol3&period57&sol4&period05
a hundred and fifteen Isuzu UM02AB1&comma Yamaha ME125
MA142 102&sol2500 1500-3000 1&period97&sol2&period52&sol3&period03&sol3&period54&sol3&period95&sol4&period5 a hundred and forty Cummins 4BTA3&period9-M MWM D226-4
40A 82&sol2000 750-2000 two&period07&sol2&period96&sol3&period44 225 Yanmar ME400L&comma Baudouin 4D
MB170 132&sol2500 1000-2500 one&period97&sol2&period52&sol3&period04&sol3&period96&sol4&period5&sol5&period06
240 MWM D226-six&comma Yamaha ME400L
HC65 163&sol2500 1000-2500 1&period53&sol2&period03&sol2&period5&sol2&period96 one hundred thirty 6BT5&period9-M
120B   750-1800 2&period03&sol2&period81&sol3&period73 four hundred  
120C 340&sol2500 a thousand-2500 one&period48&sol1&period94&sol2&period45&sol2&period96&sol3&period35 225 Cummins NT855-M240&comma CAT 3208TA
MV100 408&sol3000 1500-3000 1&period23&sol1&period62&sol2&period07&sol2&period52&sol2&period87 220 NT855-M240&comma MWM D234 V8
135A 272&sol2000 one thousand-2000 two&period03&sol2&period59&sol3&period04&sol3&period62&sol4&period11&sol4&period65
470 NT855-M240&comma CAT 3406
HCQ138 390&sol2600 one thousand-2600 1&period03&sol1&period5&sol2&period03&sol2&period48&sol2&period95 two hundred NT855-M240&comma CAT 3406
HC138 375&sol2500 a thousand-2500 two&sol2&period52&sol3&sol3&period57&sol4&period05&sol4&period45 360 6135Ca&comma NT855-M240
HCD138 375&sol2500 a thousand-2500 five&period05&sol5&period63&sol6&period06&sol6&period47 415 6135Ca&comma NT855-M240
HCA138 390&sol2600 a thousand-2600 one&period095&sol1&period28&sol1&period5&sol2&period03&sol2&period52&sol3 two hundred NT855-M240&comma MWM D234 V8
MB242 350&sol2500 a thousand-2500 3&period04&sol3&period52&sol3&period95&sol4&period53&sol5&period12
385 NT855-M240&comma CAT 3406
HC200 440&sol2200 a thousand-2200 one&period48&sol2&sol2&period28 280 NT855-M240&comma CAT 3406TA
HC201 five hundred&sol2500 a thousand-2500 2&period46&sol2&period955&sol3&period526 350 6135ZLCa&comma Cummins NTA855-M400
MB270A five hundred&sol2500 1000-2500 four&period05&sol4&period53&sol5&period12&sol5&period5&sol5&period95&sol6&period39&sol6&period82 675 NTA855-M400&comma CAT 3406TA
HCQ300 782&sol2300 1000-2300 1&period05&sol1&period46&sol2&period05&sol2&period38 350 KTA19-M600&comma 3412T&comma TBD234 V12
three hundred 805&sol2300 one thousand-2300 two&period04&sol2&period54&sol3&sol3&period53&sol4&period1&sol4&period61&sol4&period94
740 KTA19-M600&comma TBD234 V12
D300 805&sol2300 one thousand-2300 four&sol4&period48&sol5&period05&sol5&period52&sol5&period9&sol6&period56&sol7&period06
940 KTA19-M600&comma TBD234 V12
T300 759&sol2300 a thousand-2300 four&period95&sol6&period03&sol6&period65&sol7&period04&sol7&period54&sol8&period02
1120 KTA19-M600&comma 3412T&comma TBD234 V12
T300&sol1 611&sol2300 1000-2300 8&period94&sol9&period45 1120 KTA19-M600&comma 3412T
HCA300 850&sol2500 1000-2500 one&period5&sol2&sol2&period57&sol2&period95 370 KTA19-M600&comma 3412T&comma TBD234 V12
M300 850&sol2300 one thousand-2300 1&period45&sol2&sol2&period52&sol3&period05&sol3&period45&sol3&period94 seven hundred KTA19-M600&comma TBD234 V12
MD300 850&sol2300 1000-2300 3&period96&sol4&period48&sol4&period96&sol5&period52&sol5&period9 940 KTA19-M600&comma TBD234 V12
HCQ400 810&sol1800 1000-2300 one&period5&sol2&period04&sol2&period5&sol3&sol3&period42&sol3&period77&sol4&period06
1100 KT38-M800&comma TBD604BL6&comma 3412TA
HC400 810&sol1800 a thousand-2300 1&period5&sol2&period04&sol2&period5&sol3&sol3&period42&sol3&period77&sol4&period06
820 3412TA&comma TBD604BL6
HCD400A 810&sol1800 one thousand-1800 3&period96&sol4&period33&sol4&period43&sol4&period476&sol4&period7&sol5&sol5&period53
1100 KT38-M800&comma TBD604BL6
HCT400A 945&sol2100 1000-2100 six&period09&sol6&period49&sol6&period93&sol7&period42&sol7&period95&sol8&period4
1450 KT38-M800&comma 6BD604BL6
HCT400A&sol1 945&sol2100 1000-2100 8&period15&sol8&period69&sol9&period27&sol10&period6&sol11&period46&sol12 1500 KTA38-M800&comma 3412TA&comma TBD604BL6
HCQ501 1265&sol2300 one thousand-2300 one&period03&sol1&period46&sol2&sol2&period45 560 KTA38-M940&comma 3508B&comma TBD234 V16
HCQ502 1265&sol2300 a thousand-2300 two&period95 seven hundred KTA38-M940&comma 3508TA&comma TBD234 V16
HC600A 1365&sol2100 one thousand-2100 two&sol2&period48&sol3&sol3&period58&sol3&period89 1300 KTA38-M1045&comma 3508B&comma TBD604B V8
HCD600A 1365&sol2100 a thousand-2100 4&period18&sol4&period43&sol4&period7&sol5&sol5&period44&sol5&period71 1550 KTA38-M1045&comma 3508B&comma TBD604B V8
HCT600A 1260&sol2100 1000-2100 6&period06&sol6&period49&sol6&period97&sol7&period51&sol8&period04&sol8&period66&sol9&period35 1600 KTA38-M940&comma 3508TA&comma TBD234 V16
HCT600A&sol1 1260&sol2100 1000-2100 seven&period69&sol8&period23&sol8&period82&sol9&period47&sol10&period1&sol10&period8
1700 KTA38-M940&comma TBD234 V16
HCD800 1530&sol1800 a thousand-1800 three&period429&sol3&period96&sol4&period391&sol4&period905&sol5&period474&sol5&period889 1900 6190Z1CZ&comma CW6200&comma KTA38-M1
HCT800 1530&sol1800 800-1800 4&period95&sol5&period57&sol5&period68&sol5&period93&sol6&period43&sol6&period86
2000 KTA38-M
HCT800-1   800-1800 six&period91&sol7&period28&sol7&period69&sol8&period12&sol8&period6&sol9&period12
HC900 1440&sol1600 600-1600 1&period46&sol2&period04&sol2&period47&sol3&sol3&period6&sol4&period08&sol4&period63&sol4&period95 1600 12V190DC&comma M200
HCT1100 1841&sol1600 seven-hundred-1600 five&period6&sol5&period98&sol6&period39&sol6&period85&sol7&period35&sol7&period9 3000 CW6200
HC1200   600-1900 two&period03&sol2&period5&sol2&period96&sol3&period55&sol3&period79&sol4&period05&sol4&period2&sol4&period47 2000  
HC1250 1654&sol1800 400-1800 two&period03&sol2&period48&sol3&period04&sol3&period48&sol3&period96 2200 CW8200ZC&comma 6210ZL&comma Z12V190
HC701 1286&sol2400 1200-2400 one&period93&sol2&period58&sol2&period9&sol3&period26&sol3&period91&sol4&period6&sol5&period17
2000 KTA38-M2

created by 1 of the largest gearbox maker in China&comma with technologies introduced from Bosch&comma Twindisc&comma Eaton&comma and so on&period of time
Aside from gearbox&comma we mainly promote diesel&solpetrol engines and relevant spare components&comma with manufacturers which includes&colon Cummins&comma Deutz&comma CAT&commaIsuzu&comma VM&comma Toyota&comma Mitsubishi&comma Suzuki&comma Yuchai&comma Weichai&comma Changchai&comma and so forth&comma for different purposes&comma such as vehicle&comma bus&comma coach&comma van&comma truck&comma bulldozer&comma forklift&comma excavator&comma road roller&comma wheel loader&comma hoister&comma generator&comma water pump&comma hearth pump&comma marine principal propulsion&comma maritime auxiliary&comma and so forth&period
one&periodWhat is the price tag&quest
  The value is identified by the pursuing variables&colon brand&comma origin&comma model&comma power&comma 
  size&comma quantity&comma Cost Term &lparFOB&comma CIF&comma and many others&rpar&comma and so forth&time period
two&period What is the MOQ&quest
   Complete Engine&colon 1 set&time period
   Engine Areas&colon 1 engine set&time period
three&period of time Are samples offered &quest
   Sample buy is acceptable&comma only the unit value will be greater&interval
   For lengthy-expression consumers&comma if necessary&comma free of charge sample with value 
   lower than 100USD is accessible&interval
4&period of time How prolonged is the generation cycle &quest
   Engine areas&colon We usually have adequate stock&time period
   Engine&colon normally fifteen times&period 
   Some big engines may possibly consider thirty days or longer&time period
   Stock engine&colon around 1 week&interval
5&period How extended is the cargo &quest
   By Categorical&colon 3-five wor ept days &lparDHL&comma UPS&comma TNT&comma FedEx &period of time&period of time&period&rpar
   By Air&colon three-six wor ept times &interval
   By Sea&colon relies upon on certain spot seaport&comma generally&colon        
            Europe and United states&colon 20-25 times&comma
            Asia&colon 3-seven times&comma 
            Australia&colon 15-20 times
6&time period What are payment conditions&quest
   We take&colon T &sol T &lparwire transfer&rpar&comma L &sol C&comma Western Union&comma Cash Gram&comma and many others&period
Make contact with Us&colon
Cellular Telephone&colon0086-15857138920

/ The use of original tools manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating item use and compatibility. Our firm and the listed alternative areas contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or manufactured by the OEM. /

EPT  dc worm gear motor 12v high torque reduction gearbox with encoder  sales  China  in Concepcion Chile   D300 D300A Marine Boat Spare Parts Engine Speed Reduction Transmission Gearbox with top quality

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